Fethiye Paragliding

Fethiye Paragliding

Ölüdeniz is well known for the paragliding activities performed from the Peak Babadağ which is a steep peak rising right next to the blue Mediterranean Sea.

The gentle sea breeze provides ideal conditions to paragliding through out the whole year.

It is a unique spot for its 2000 m altitude and spectacular view.

Thats why around 600 flights are performed in Babadağ everyday.

About Paragliding

  • Take off: No jumping off or fast running required. Just a few steps on the slope.
  • You sit comfortable in the harness
  • Flight time approximately45 minutes
  • it is possible to fly side by side which is fun, especially for families and groups
  • Landing is smooth on grass or sand
  • Transfer from and back to hotel



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